Giving God glory
by telling His stories

God is at work, yet most of the world is missing it. Support the ministry of Deidox to bring documentaries about the goodness of God to video & audio platforms. Let’s invite the world to see, hear, and praise Him.

DEIDOX is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
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What We Do:

We document true stories of God's goodness,
then translate & distribute them globally.

Documentary Films

We produce feature-length and short form documentaries that give us glimpses into the goodness of God. Our recent film, Free Burma Rangers, was in theaters and is now on Amazon Video.

Audio / Podcasts

[In Production] Our pilot "audio documentary" series is currently in production. Subscribe to our email list or follow on social media to get updated when it launches.

Artist Community

The Deidox Artist Community exists to reconcile creatives and their role in God’s kingdom as those who point others to His glory. We do this through projects, gatherings, and - Lord willing - our first summit/conference in 2023.

Translation & Outreach

Through staff and strategic partners, our content is translated into non-English languages and distributed globally to video and audio platforms. Strategic marketing supports the distribution.


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Featured Project

Free Burma Rangers

This is literally the best Christian film I’ve ever watched.” (Francis Chan)

Released in theaters, Free Burma Rangers, tells the true story of a remarkable family compelled by Christ to bring hope to the front lines of war. The film is a real life action-adventure story. Viewers follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry. In the midst of this unprecedented journey, you will witness the power of God’s provisions in seemingly impossible situations.

About our Ministry


What does "Deidox" mean?

"DEI" = God in latin

"DOX" = Our abbreviation for documentaries. Also, short for doxology which is an expression of praise to God.

Our History

Founded in 2007 out of a church in Pasadena, CA, Deidox has a long history of making documentary content for the Kingdom. It's founders, Brent Gudgel & Dave Mahanes, had traveled the world for several years working with large ministries and meeting people of great faith. But, they were getting hired to tell marketing stories with a goal of building ministries - it didn't allow them to truly tell the "God stories" they were discovering. Deidox was born so that there was a place to focus on telling stories of how God was at work, for His glory and the building His kingdom.

For most of it's history, Deidox filmmakers have been bi-vocational, meaning they make films at Deidox as much as they are able, but it was often in between other "tent making" projects. They had projects on Showtime, Hulu, and for the Olympics, among others.

Over time, Deidox assembled a network of dozens of collaborators and produced 55 short documentaries. These films were used by over 3,000 pastors, in addition to being released online and at film festivals. Next came a 30-minute documentary, The Ordinance, about an inspiring partnership between Baptists & Catholics, leading to the passing of payday lending laws across the country. Then, after years of focus on "faithful steps" as a ministry, Deidox was blessed to bring their unique approach to the big screen with the acclaimed theatrical documentary Free Burma Rangers.

Now, in 2023, Deidox is heading into a new chapter of ministry and vision. It is expanding, full time staff have come on, and - Lord willing - there are many stories of God's goodness to come.

Who We Are

We are a new type of missionary, using art and technology to minister to a truly global audience with media that shares stories of God’s goodness. All for God's glory.

The core leadership team is:

  • Brent Gudgel - Executive Director
  • Dave Mahanes - Producer
  • Jeremiah Jones - Producer & Artist Community
  • Lucky Prosper - Associate Producer
  • Dave Diamont - Executive Producer

Upcoming Projects

  • A feature length documentary with Francis Chan - We are 2 years into the process of making the film. It's exciting, and we're trusting the Lord for the final steps.
  • "The Miraculous" - An audio documentary series about beautiful moments that are hard to explain apart from God.
  • Artist Resources & Community - We are working on a few resources to bless and empower artists. More details to come as they solidify.
  • Nonprofit Buildout - We are praying for the right people to come alongside us to to help the ministry grow into its next phase.

Selected scriptures on remembering the work of the Lord:

(Emphasis added)

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