The true story of how miracles unfold as a former special forces soldier takes his family to the front lines. (Running time: 1 hour, 37 minutes)


Originally in theaters in the USA, Free Burma Rangers was the surprise top theatrical documentary of 2020. Viewers called it “a must see” and even “the most inspiring movie of the new century.” The movie went on to air on Amazon video, RightNow Media, and Sony’s PureFlix.

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TRAILER (From when it was in theaters)


“Not Standard Christian Fare… it transcends the limitations of the genre and deserves to be seen by a wider audience… amazing… Nothing is reenacted.“ – BLOGCRITICS

“It’s a fascinating, moving portrait of how the gospel of Jesus Christ motivates believers… dodging bullets and bombs to be conduits of healing and hope.“ – GOSPEL COALITION

“You’ll find yourself shaking your head in amazement when you see the story of the Free Burma Rangers!“ – KEVIN EZELL, President North American Mission Board

“The most harrowing faith-based movie ever made… a Real-Life ‘Action-Adventure’ Film.“ – CROSSWALK

“One of the most Inspiring films you will see.“ – DOCSOLOGY

Our award winning documentary, Free Burma Rangers, tells the true story of a remarkable family compelled by Christ to bring hope to the front lines of war. The film is a real life action-adventure story. Viewers follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry. In the midst of this unprecedented journey, you will witness the power of God’s provisions in seemingly impossible situations.

Reviews from viewers on Amazon Video:

– “You’ll be blown away by this movie.”

– “An amazing story of faith and love.”

– “A must watch for all mankind.”

– “Most inspiring movie of the new century.”

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"This is literally the best Christian film I've ever watched. It moves people. We're telling everyone, you've got to watch this!"
- Francis Chan -
“This raw and inspiring movie truly illustrates Christianity in action.”
- The Christian Post -