Currently in development, Miraculous will be
an ongoing series of audio documentaries made to
help people know God and make God known.

The Vision

Audio documentaries that testifies to the Lord’s supernatural power and love, from all tribes and tongues and nations.


We believe everyone is desperate for relief in their souls. And, while the world has gotten crazier the opportunity to make a difference has gotten bigger. So many people are ready, wishing there is a good God who is there, a God that moves in mighty power and love. He is.

We’re building a production process and model that can lead to 365 episodes or more. If each had 100,000 listens, that’s 36.5 million new opportunities for the Holy Spirit to move. Can you imagine the potential impact?

A Strategy from the Apostle Paul:

"The message I preached and how I preached it was not an attempt to sway you with persuasive arguments but to prove to you the almighty power of God’s Holy Spirit.
1 Corinthians 2:4

The Test Episodes

Over the past 6 months we built out the concept from scratch and worked on three different test episodes, each with a unique style. Together they will paint a picture of a big God that was at work previously, is active presently, and will continue to move in the future. Here are the three sample episodes and styles:

Style #1 - Present-Day Stories

Modern stories where the participants can be interviewed:

0:00 / 0:00
"A Miracle in Mongolia" - Lucy

Style #2 - Historical Stories

Famous historical figures who are no longer with us – told using a combination of historian interviews, journal readings, and narration:

0:00 / 0:00
"Finally Biblical" - John Wesley

Style #3 - Lost Audio, Remastered

Stories that repurpose audio from existing interviews or speeches which deserve to be heard more broadly:

0:00 / 0:00
"Out of the Cave" - Lonnie Frisbee

Where Would It Be Available?

To tens of millions of listeners. The plan is to distribute on the world's leading platforms, including:

Growing Into a Platform

It starts with a podcast, but - Lord willing - that is only the start.

Our bigger vision is to develop a platform that can gather Christian artists and crowdsource the gathering and sharing of Kingdom art. Here is our starting point for what a platform could look like, all for His glory:

Kingdom Outposts

To accomplish the big vision we believe God may want "Artist Kingdom Outposts" in communities around the world, combining a mix of artists, pastors, and tech teams to testify to God's great work. 

A "Page 1" App

Like the YouVersion Bible App, we envision an app that millions would want on the first page of their cell phone. A platform that moves audiences - through testimony and praise - upwards to a miraculous God.

Daily Touchpoints

A daily notification and opportunity on your phone, perhaps comparable to a modern book of common prayer but now utilizing media to draw us all closer to God's heart, together.

Translation & Outreach

Like the Jesus Film showed was possible, our vision is have the episodes and app translated and distributed globally, creating powerful evangelistic and spiritual opportunities.

"For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in His almighty power."
1 Corinthians 2:5


Founded in 2007, Deidox is a nonprofit ministry that documents true stories of God’s goodness, then translates & distribute them globally. “DEI” = God in latin, “DOX” = Our abbreviation for documentaries. Also, short for doxology which is an expression of praise to God.

Our most seen project to date was the theatrical documentary Free Burma Rangers. 

Help Us Produce "Miraculous"

Deidox is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry. Donations will support Phase 1 of Miraculous:

• Begin production on episodes, ongoing.
• Public Launch once 8 episodes are complete.
• Form pastor council for support and guidance.
• Build system foundation for artist collaboration.
• Set up first 3 city “artist hubs” and teams.

If you’re interested in partnering and would like to hear more vision or for a detailed plan, please reach out to Brent Gudgel directly (Deidox’s Executive Director) at brent@deidox.org. He’d love to share more whether on the phone, zoom, or email. (And, we love building relationships.) God bless you!

Donations by check can be made out to Deidox Films and mailed to:

Deidox Films
C/O Church of Hope
500 Buena Vista Dr.
Merced, CA 95348

Please feel free to send any questions to info@deidox.org.


We document true stories of God's goodness,
then translate & distribute them globally.


Years of







About our Ministry


What does "Deidox" mean?

"DEI" = God in latin

"DOX" = Our abbreviation for documentaries. Also, short for doxology which is an expression of praise to God.

Our History

Founded in 2007 out of a church in Pasadena, CA, Deidox has a long history of making documentary content for the Kingdom. It's founders, Brent Gudgel & Dave Mahanes, had traveled the world for several years working with large ministries and meeting people of great faith. But, they were getting hired to tell marketing stories with a goal of building ministries - it didn't allow them to truly tell the "God stories" they were discovering. Deidox was born so that there was a place to focus on telling stories of how God was at work, for His glory and the building His kingdom.

For most of it's history, Deidox filmmakers have been bi-vocational, meaning they make films at Deidox as much as they are able, but it was often in between other "tent making" projects. They had projects on Showtime, Hulu, and for the Olympics, among others.

Over time, Deidox assembled a network of dozens of collaborators and produced 55 short documentaries. These films were used by over 3,000 pastors, in addition to being released online and at film festivals. Next came a 30-minute documentary, The Ordinance, about an inspiring partnership between Baptists & Catholics, leading to the passing of payday lending laws across the country. Then, after years of focus on "faithful steps" as a ministry, Deidox was blessed to bring their unique approach to the big screen with the acclaimed theatrical documentary Free Burma Rangers.

Now, in 2023, Deidox is heading into a new chapter of ministry and vision. It is expanding, full time staff have come on, and - Lord willing - there are many stories of God's goodness to come.

Who We Are

We are a new type of missionary, using art and technology to minister to a truly global audience with media that shares stories of God’s goodness. All for God's glory.

The core leadership team is:

  • Brent Gudgel - Executive Director
  • Lucky Prosper - Miraculous Showrunner / Producer
  • Jeremiah Jones - Producer & Artist Community
  • Dave Diamont - Executive Producer
  • Andrew Alkema - Miraculous Executive Producer
  • Sheri Schaap - Miraculous Mix & Worship Producer
  • Joshua Myers - Music Composer
  • Joel Schaap - Marketing Partner

Upcoming Projects

  • A feature length documentary with Francis Chan - We are 2 years into the process of making the film. It's exciting, and we're trusting the Lord for the final steps.
  • "The Miraculous" - An audio documentary series about beautiful moments that are hard to explain apart from God.
  • Artist Resources & Community - We are working on a few resources to bless and empower artists. More details to come as they solidify.
  • Nonprofit Buildout - We are praying for the right people to come alongside us to to help the ministry grow into its next phase.

Watch Some of Our Past Films

Our ministry has produced a few dozen films over the years. A great place to start is on some of our original documentary short films. They give a great picture of the heart and style of our storytelling:

Will "Miraculous" include films too?

Eventually we hope so! The Miraculous concept actually started as a film series, but we quickly realized that a podcast version would be the first faithful step. We pray the podcast lays a wonderful strategic foundation for whatever might come next.


Selected scriptures on remembering the work of the Lord:

(Emphasis added)

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