Ministry Update: April 2, 2024


Click above to view a wonderful update from Brent about miraculous, the meaningful responses we’ve received, and how we feel it could be a significant “beachhead” for our ministry. Plus a special video clip!

“If you've glimpsed the glory of what God has done for us, there is no price too great to pay to declare His glory.”
- Billy Graham -

Donor Menu:

Need: Any amount

Need: Any amount

Need: $9,500

Need: Monthly Support

Need: $5,000 per episode

Need: $50,000-$150,000


Verses on making God's work known:

(Emphasis added)


To help people know God and make God known, with media.


Our ministry name is a combination of a few words in latin:

Dei = God
Dox(a) = glory

Dox is also short for Documentaries.

God’s glory, God’s stories.


We believe there’s a higher value in creating work that glorifies God.

  • WE HOLD TO an open-handed approach. We see God as the only source of our talent and every opportunity to use it. This means we choose to repent of and resist our own ego or selfish ambition in order to be used by God however He wants.

  • WE CREATE in the context of community, not industry. We believe God gives the gift of creativity to connect people to Himself and one another, co-laboring with Christ.

  • WE TRUST in God’s economy. We approach our work like missionaries have for centuries – God over money.