Update on the War in Burma

Click the video above to hear & see an update from Dave Eubank, from September 2023.


As you know we are in the midst of an outreach campaign to get the word out about the film, to bring both awareness and hope. We just received a wonderful response to a screening and, since many of you have supported this campaign, we want to share the email with you:

“My name is Chris and along with my wife Zoe, we relocated from the UK to Moldova just over 2.5 years ago by Divine calling. We just finished the movie and honestly, it has given me renewed determination.

I simply have no words, both my wife and I are in tears. 

We fight poverty and human trafficking, and since the war in Ukraine, we now support tens of thousands of refugees currently residing across the border from Ukraine, in Moldova. Moldova is Europe’s poorest country and suffers 80% poverty, with a particular issue with orphans and human trafficking. I’ve gotten tired and overwhelmed and this is just an incredible reminder to take everything back to the Father.

I believe the Father orchestrated our viewing the movie. The movie inspired me at a time when I was feeling tired, overwhelmed and exhausted by the sheer weight of things here. 

And so, this morning I was back on my face, seeking Him and repenting of trying to do everything myself. Our very existence is to manifest love and so no wonder David and his family inspire me. Thank you, thank you, to you, your team and your supporters – the ripple goes much farther than you can imagine.”

Praise God! We hope reading the letter above encourages you like it encourages us. Your support to help others see the film is impacting lives. Each viewing gives the Holy Spirit a new opportunity to speak to hearts like he did to Chris and Zoe. Amazing!

If you feel a tug to help others see the film, follow this link. We’re grateful to be partners of this work with you!

“This raw and inspiring movie truly illustrates Christianity in action.”
- The Christian Post -