If you found miraculous 001 meaningful, we need your help to get to episode 002 and beyond!

Dear friends,

What a meaningful journey it has been putting together the first episode of miraculous! We are grateful that you clicked the link to see the next episode! It may not look like it, but Deidox is actually a very small nonprofit ministry (see more: “A Supernatural Year in 7 Stories“) and God led us this far with 43 monthly donors and a handful of one-time supporters. It’s incredible what a small but committed group of people have done together!

So, when will episode 2 of Miraculous come out? We hope soon! The 2nd episode is currently 75% complete, but the final stages are dependent on whether people want to push us to the finish line.

To move forward we need partners – We need both volunteers and financial supporters. The story portion of Miraculous: Episode 2 is complete, but we still need to work with a composer, a choir, a video editor, a worship leader, and then a sound mixer. And we need your help to make that happen! Lord willing all of this can come together quickly so we can launch the second episode at the end of March… and then hopefully many more episodes after that.

Why? So that through these stories our miraculous God would be proclaimed. For He is still great and He still moves in power.

Join us by becoming a volunteer or making a donation, today!

God’s stories, for God’s glory,
Brent Gudgel
Director, DEI DOX (a nonprofit ministry)


Bite-size volunteer opportunities, together creating media that will go out into culture!

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“If you've glimpsed the glory of what God has done for us, there is no price too great to pay to declare His glory.”
- Billy Graham -

Episode Ideas

To give you a better idea of where we hope to be headed with this series, here are a few of our initial ideas for stories we'd like to cover in future episodes:

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