How is GOD at work in Austin?

We are discovering & documenting His unfolding story, with videos. Come and see.

Yes, all of our content is video and we make it available for free. We’re a nonprofit organization. We’ll make content for as long as the Lord guides and provides.

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Yes that is the question we are asking too! What does His work look like? We can’t give you a single specific answer, but perhaps at the end of the day all our films combined will help inform the answer. Our process is simple… we go out with cameras we pray and then do our best to show what we see. How God is at work could look a variety of ways, so our films will ultimately represent a variety of answers. People are diverse. God’s family is diverse. The stories are diverse too.

Follow the journey with us and discover Gods unfolding work.

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We have several guidelines for how we approach our videos:

  1. See it – We want to see things happen rather than hear someone tell us about what happened previously. Past stories are good too, but retellings are not what we focus on at Deidox Austin. Our goal is to document God’s work as it unfolds. It’s harder, but we think it’s worth it.
  2. No church names – You’ll notice we do our best to stay away from the names of any churches. This is a purposeful decision so that we who are a part of the global Church can view the stories as our own, collectively.
  3. Don’t force it – If we’re going to put “God is at work” at the end of each video then we tremble at the thought of how we might misrepresent God. Therefore, we’re doing our best to simply show what we see rather than force any stories. God is God and we are not.
  4. A breath of fresh air – Some scholars believe that God’s name in Hebrew (YHWH) is derived from the sound of breathing. Similarly, it is our prayer that our videos will be a breath of fresh air for your day or week.


At Deidox we are a group of media missionaries with 15 years of experience creating documentaries. Our past films have been on Showtime television and Hulu and have even been featured on major Christian media outlets like the The Gospel Coalition, 700 Club, and Christianity Today. More importantly, we’ve worked with dozens of ministries including Christ Together Greater Austin, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Saddleback Church, World Relief, Willow Creek, and International Justice Mission.  Our films have served over 2,500 pastors and church ministries across the globe.


We have big hopes, but are are doing our best to be faithful wherever God leads. We’d love to have you along on the journey. Say a prayer and ask how God might use you to support his work through Deidox. If he’s prompting you to pray more, we can use it! If he’s prompting you in the area of finance, you can support His work here! There are also opportunities for church partners and business sponsors! Finally, make sure to subscribe to get the new videos.