Documentaries, with hope.

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit documentary film company. All our films are made possible by generous donors and supporters.  If you are interested in helping us fund more films please visit our donation page. If you have a story lead, send it to us through the contact page.

Our award-winning filmmakers are passionate about documenting important and meaningful stories. That being said, as documentary filmmakers we do feel it’s important to get something out in the open… everyone has a point of view. That’s the secret about media – All journalists and documentary filmmakers have a point of view, even if they are trying to be objective. The questions filmmakers ask dictate the story they end up telling. Likewise, if filmmakers don’t ask certain questions then they’ll never document the answer. So, we want you to know that while our filmmakers are trying to tell great stories they are also asking questions about how faith impacts the world. If people believe in a “higher power” then where is that higher power in the midst of the important stories in our world? Our filmmakers include this search in their stories, and that’s what we think makes our point of view unique. Well, that and the amount of time we spend in the editing room, making sure the films are worth watching and sharing. We spend a lot of time on our films.

Some minor trivia: Deidox uploaded the very first video to Vimeo that was filmed with a DSLR camera (the Nikon D90). The video was a camera test to settle a bet between Brent and a cinematographer, that a DSLR could be a tool to film documentaries (see: Lindsay’s story). As fate would have it the camera test went viral, contributing to the beginnings of the DSLR revolution.

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