“Proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.” -Psalm 105:1-

Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit documentary film company with a mission to making known what the Lord is doing. All our films are made possible by generous donors and supporters. If you are interested in helping us fund more films please visit our donation page. If you have a story lead, send it to us through the contact page.

What would it be like to follow the apostle Paul around with a camera? Or Martin Luther? Or a member of the underground church in China? The first followers of Jesus discovered and grew in faith by literally following Jesus around and being covered in the dust of their rabbi’s feet. Because of technology, the discovering faith through “following” can take happen in unprecedented ways. Through film, we can follow in the footsteps of Christians around the globe in places as diverse as tropical Thailand to the graffitied streets of the Bronx. What an amazing opportunity for proclamation and inspiration.

In 2008, Deidox was established to document the stories of everyday disciples living out their faith. Deidox seeks to answer the question: How is God interacting with the world today? Derived from “Dei” (Latin for God) and dox (for documentaries), Deidox creates short films based on true stories of faith in action in our world today. Diedox provides the church with practical examples of discipleship – demonstrating that God’s work is not limited to professional clergy, pastors or missionaries. Through documentaries, or demonstrated fact, Deidox explores the realm of the “typical” or the “normal.” How is God shaping and reshaping the lives of everyday people into lives of extraordinary purpose for Him?

Deidox grew out of Chronicle Project (CP), an independent film and video production company focused on telling compelling stories of life through visual media. Their experience was diverse, producing over 250 short documentaries for causes and clients such as Saddleback Church, International Justice Mission, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Azusa Pacific University, and the Union Rescue Mission, among others. CP also produced the award-winning documentary “Dear Francis” about an AIDS prevention campaign in Swaziland which aired on Showtime television and The Movie Channel.

Deidox currently reaches a primarily North American audience (67%), but we also have a growing international client base in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, Colombia, Singapore, and Belgium. Today, an estimated 500,000 people have seen at least one Deidox film. It is our hope that this number will continue to grow as Deidox seeks to play its part in making known what the Lord is doing in the world today.

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