Serving local churches with documentary films about what God is doing.

At Deidox we produce and distribute documentary films that explore how a higher power is active in the world today – in and through the lives of everyday people. We tell stories in local ministries that serve those ministries while going on to serve the global Church.

Our films include glimpses of life after committing to faith, and anyone who is honest will admit that a life of faith is more “process” than “completion.” Life is rarely, if ever, tied in a bow. Like our film on Dr. Robert and his fight to improve healthcare; or, Lindsay, a teacher trying to show love in a difficult place. Sometimes life is a mix of the beautiful and the mysterious. Our documentaries provide glimpses of people being with God and God being with people.

A few other quick facts:

  • Dei = latin for God, dox = documentaries.
  • We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, funded primarily through commissionings.
  • We’re based in Austin, TX, but film everywhere there’s a story.


Commissioned Films

Our films are funded through patronage, or commissioning, much like the Sistine Chapel when it was painted by Michelangelo. A ministry commissioned Michelangelo to make art that told a specific story and would serve their church. What happened though is that his art also had the ability to impact larger audiences in profound ways. Though we don’t pretend to be Michelangelo, there are parallels in our ministry model. Groups with strong stories to tell commission us to make films (e.g. TX Catholic & Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, or World Relief, or Fuller Seminary). The ministries use the films within their ministries, but then we distribute these films in a way that also ministers to global audiences (through our 1,800 Church network, youtube, and media outlets like Christianity Today).

We’re grateful to be able to do this work.

If you are interested in commissioning films, send us a note here.
If you want to donate, you can donate here.

How did this all start?

Deidox grew out of Chronicle Project, a film and video production company focused on marketing videos for nonprofits. Their first project was the award-winning documentary “Dear Francis” about the fight against HIV/AIDS in the most infected country in the world, Swaziland. The film aired on Showtime and The Movie Channel. They went on to produce over 250 short documentaries, helping causes and clients raise over $500 million for their work (Saddleback Church, International Justice Mission, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Azusa Pacific University, and Union Rescue Mission, among others.) While travelling the globe for these projects, Brent Gudgel and Dave Mahanes were struck by how impactful it was to get a glimpse of faith in the lives of global Christians. So, with the help of friends and family they took a leap to start Deidox.

Deidox currently reaches a primarily North American audience (67%), but we also have a growing international base in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, Colombia, Singapore, and Belgium. Today, an estimated 1 million people have seen a Deidox film. If you’re one of these people and you have a story of a film’s impact, please send us a note as we and our patrons would love to hear it!

We have big dreams and a big vision, but are simply grateful whenever we get to do the next film. To quote one of our more feisty film subjects, Ludmila, “it’s an honor.”

Online Film Training?

In response to church inquiries, we are compiling an online course on how to do professional level documentary filmmaking at any budget. Learn more here.

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