Why Deidox?

The challenge for church leaders today is not very different from the challenge Jesus faced in his ministry: How do you make disciples? Similarly, the challenge for individual Christians today is: how do you live out faith in everyday life? Jesus made disciples by not only teaching but also allowing them to follow him around every day. He modeled faith in everyday life so that they could go and imitate him. The unfortunate reality is that the main way Jesus taught discipleship is largely absent in the church today, which is putting ministry leaders in a difficult position when making disciples. The church need more tools for modeling faith.

Through video, the church can once again follow and imitate mature disciples.

Video is a tool that can no longer be ignored by pastors and teachers that are trying to move their congregations from being passive “hearers” of the word to being active “doers” of the word. The twenty-first century church utilizes technology not because it’s cool, but because it’s a primary language, or conduit, for faith in the twenty-first century believer. Video has the power to motivate and inspire through image and story. It activates imagination and moves hearts. Video provides a unique opportunity to model the Christian life.

Models Of Faith

Your Biblical teaching + a Deidox model of faith + the Holy Spirit = Amazing possibilities

With Deidox we provide a unique tool that models faith. When paired with the Biblical teaching of a skilled ministry ader and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the combination is incredibly powerful. We make these films to help the churchreflect Christ and redeem culture. Use these video illustrations of faith in your church service, leadership development, small group, or non-profit organization.

Unprecedented Quality And Care

The Deidox films have helped usher the church into a new level of documentary video production. Each film takes 2-3 months to complete with over 6 skilled filmmakers lending their expertise to the production. It is not uncommon for an edit of these films to go through 15 different iterations before the final that is released to the public. The team prayerfully films and fine-tunes, ultimately putting new videos out when the team feels they are faithful to God’s creation and the story He is playing out through His people. The team at Deidox strives to make the best Christian films and video sermon illustrations they possibly can.

Pastor Video Reviews

Written Reviews

“The pieces from Deidox are, simply put, amazing. The short films highlight God’s impact in one person’s life. While there are other short films/videos that tell someone’s story, these are different. The documentary, first-person style makes the storytelling so personal, so real.” (Greg Simmons, Palmetto Gatherings)

“At $20/ea., the videos are comparable to most online short-form illustrative video price-wise, but I dare you to compare the quality. These are by-far some of the best-produced media for the Christian-community out there.” (Stevan Sheets, Shippensburg First Wesleyan Church)

“I have used several Deidox films as illustrations to my sermons.  Not only is the quality top notch, the impact on my congregation was fantastic.”  (Joe Brown, Hillside Church)

“Think of Deidox… as short narrative-driven films featuring glimpses of the Kingdom at work in our midst. In other words, these are documentaries of the Missio Dei in action. Not only are they stories told through a great medium, but they display the power of the imagination when lead by God.” (C. Wess Daniels, Camas Friends Church)

“I showed the Lindsay video as a part of a sermon to bridge the gap of the gospel in written form and the gospel happening right in front of us. Many of the people in our church could relate to her story.  I wanted them to know Jesus still communicates His love today through us in simple tangible ways. It really challenged all of us to live out the gospel in our everyday lives.” (Trisha Wesltad, Marina Free Methodist Church)

“One thing we know about the 20-something generation is that they are moved by story and especially stories of God being active.  The days of ministry simple doing using apologetics and propositional truths to share their message are largely over.  If your church wants to reach out effectively to this generation this might be a great resource to check out and see how it might foster interaction and discussion.” (Lars Rood – Director of Youth, Highland Park Presbyterian Church)

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