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Deidox Weekend Briefing

By B. Gudgel

How is God at work in the world today? At Deidox we’re a nonprofit asking that question, and we pray the following stories help you see and know God more. They’re glimpses into where He is and where we pray He will be.


Two Powerful New Stories of Jesus Appearing to Muslims!

[The Underground] How often do you get to hear from an Iranian Christian that’s part of the underground church? This week Joel Richardson posted two incredible stories about Jesus appearing in visions to Muslims in Iran and Kurdistan. The first story is of a Muslim man who converted to Christianity after a dream about Jesus. The second story is about a boy who fell in a fire but was not burnt, instead claiming that someone dressed in white who radiated glory saved him. There is video footage of the event. This story especially impacted me… it brought me to tears. Did Jesus truly appear to the Muslim boy and save him from the fire? Amazing. Praise God.


Key quote: At that moment the Holy Spirit comes down powerfully on this family of four… they all come to Christ that day.


Watch video here.


Nine killed in terrorist attack on church in Quetta

[Pakistan] Two suicide bombers stormed a church in Pakistan, killing 9 while injuring 50 others. This took place at Bethel Memorial Church in Quetta. Some are still in critical condition and can use our prayers. 

Key quote: “By the grace of God… the terrorists were not able to enter the church.”

Read article here.


Facing Down Dangers in the Jungles of Peru

[Christian Aid] When one of the most poisonous snakes in the Amazon bit the guide an indigenous missionary had hired for a research trip in Peru, team members pleaded for the Christian to administer anti-venom serum. He had none…


A powerful story of prayer, healing, and salvation in the jungles of Peru.


Key quote: “Felix, I don’t know what’s going to happen – you have to give your life to the Lord,” 


Read the rest of the story here.

[Good News]

Why Do These People Live Among The Chronically Homeless?

[Austin Monthly] At Community First! Village, a tech executive, a radio host, and families with children choose to live among the formerly chronically homeless. Why? Because, they say, it’s what Jesus would do.


This is a beautiful story about a family that decided to downsize and move into an inspiring community in Texas (USA) where the chronically homeless live alongside those who sold expensive homes to move there. Aidan says living at the village is a way to put into practice the most important biblical commandment: “Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.”


Key quote: “Now they’re transformed. They’re the people that we trust our children wholly with.”


Read article here.

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