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Learn how to create mini-documentaries, without a big budget.

Documentary Storytelling Course (Online)

At Deidox, we are a nonprofit made up of documentary filmmakers and media missionaries. Our films have been used by pastors in over 2,500 churches. We also have extensive experience working with other ministries, producing over 250 short documentaries for nonprofit clients such as World Relief, Union Rescue Mission, and International Justice Mission. Our documentaries have also aired on Showtime television and Hulu. We’ve been making documentaries professionally for 15 years. But our passion is working with ministries for the Kingdom. Have powerful stories that need to be told well? We made this course to help.

Our films have been featured on:

We will teach you how to make a video like this...

Or, do you want to learn how to make a video like this?

Yes, will teach you our tricks from 15 years of documentary filmmaking. Practical lessons, not theory.

The Deidox Documentary Storytelling Course

Practical Processes

This course is packed with processes that we use with every film we make. We're not educators that are teaching theory, rather we are professional documentary filmmakers that will teach you professional processes. It's practical.

Actual Video Breakdowns

We will show you exactly how we made four different mini-documentary films. We'll even go into the questions we asked, camera placement, shoot schedules, etc.

Project templates

The last half of the course will give you projects templates and tools to go out and do your own mini documentaries, including interview questions, schedule, checklist for filming scenes, and more.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to pick a story and plan a successful shoot.
  • How professionals film scenes to tell their stories.
  • What camera, lens, lighting, etc will work fine.
  • How to use simple lighting to your advantage.
  • A professional documentary editing process that saves hours of work.
  • How to shift expectations with your pastors (or boss) so you can tell better stories.
  • Scene-by-scene breakdowns of actual documentary productions.
  • How to do it all on low or no budget.
  • Interview Questions you can use
  • Production Schedule template

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to tell powerful documentary stories. 



NOTE: This is not a course to go over how to use a camera or set up a light (though we go over a little of our processes with gear). There are a lot of free resources on youtube that tell you how to use a camera or set up lights. What this course does is walks you through what to do with that camera and those lights. (If you even have lights! We often don’t use lights!). Filmmakers who understand how to use a camera and edit system but who want to learn how to tell a professional documentary story.

The Deidox Documentary Storytelling Course

You can make a film like this too... (We'll show you how we did it!)

We’ll teach you step-by-step how we made the above short film, and much more. Yes, you can learn how to make professional documentaries, without a big budget.

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