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  1. Top Deidox Videos from 2017 & Our Year in Review

    Greetings from Deidox! As the year comes to a close I want to give you a recap and share the big things that happened in our ministry this year.

    Plus, there are some videos you may have missed. I pray they bless your day.


    At Deidox we continually ask the question, “God what are you doing in the world today and how can we document it?” Over the years the Lord has allowed us to do a couple dozen videos around the world, all stemming from this foundational question. (It’s why we’re called Deidox! “Dei” = God in latin.) Then, in 2017 we felt called to ask a different question… a more specific question… one that is sometimes harder to ask: “God what are you doing in our own city?” We set out with prayers and open hands, unsure of how we would afford the time and what stories we would tell. (If you didn’t know, we’re media missionaries. We do Deidox as much as we can.)

    Within a few weeks of praying and sharing vision the Lord provided what to us was a miracle… an unexpected donation which was enough to produce 6 new short videos. Amazing. But then we didn’t know what to film! So, our week would start out in prayer, asking, “God, what can we film this week that represents a glimpse of how you are at work in our town?” Then we’d go film whatever happened.

    What resulted was seven new videos. In case you missed them this year, here they are:

    (Don’t skip this one above☝️🙏👆. It has been known to give people chills. Good chills!)

    Pretty cool, huh?

    (And if you missed it, make sure you watch the Parking Lot Prayers #2 video above. A woman experiences the Holy Spirit for the first time. Incredible.


    Next, we moved. At Deidox we try hard to be faithful with what God has given us. There are 3 of us media missionaries on the Deidox team – myself [Brent Gudgel], Dave Mahanes, and Drew Hayes. Deidox is our passion, and we work at Deidox as much as we can afford to. The rest of the time we did work through outside companies to pay our bills. But this fall a local church in Austin felt called to donate office space. So we moved into a cozy and wonderful new space. This donation allows us to work less for outside companies and more at Deidox. What a blessing.

    (Our new edit suite that was donated. Praise God!)


    And that’s what has been happening. We are excited to see what 2018 holds as we pray the Lord guides our time to tell His stories according to His plans. We appreciate your interest and your prayers. For those who want to support God’s work through Deidox you can do so through this link. Would you pray He will lay it on people’s hearts to give enough to document the stories He wants told?

    God is at work across the globe.
    What a gift to be able to see more of Him.

    – Brent Gudgel –