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  1. That’s a Wrap! New film for pastors coming soon.

    The Deidox team films a new sermon illustration for pastors and church leadersWe’re thrilled. Last week we filmed on a new Deidox short for pastors and church leaders. Production took place in Sacramento, CA. Our four days of filming (see also: following someone with a camera) taught us some valuable and exciting lessons about what it looks like to be a disciple. We’re now sorting through hours of footage and pages of transcripts to put together a 4-5 minute film that we pray communicates what we learned.

    It’s a little too early to talk about what the piece will become as these things often become clear in the editing room… but we can share that we left Sacramento with a great personal conviction that prayer is an area we can grow in.

    New film(s) coming soon.
    New website coming soon.
    Stay tuned.

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