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  1. Summer Update and 5 Prayers

    Greetings! Here’s a quick update and prayer request from us at Deidox.

    We are now more than ever convinced that God is at work in the world today. We’ve filmed some things over the past few months that in our minds can only be explained as God’s miraculous work. It has been amazing.

    At the same time – behind the scenes – we have been working on a simplified direction for Deidox that gets us incredibly excited. The most excited we’ve been in years.

    Be Faithful

    If there’s one new theme for Deidox in 2017 it would be to “be faithful with what God has given us.” How? Well, that’s the question. How can we best be faithful? How can we serve Him in the ways He wants? How can we care for our families while doing this work? How much of the future should we hold with unplanned open hands? How can we glorify God through it all?

    In 2016 things got a bit tough at Deidox. Oftentimes we get caught up in how the world tells us to run a business. But God graciously helped us move past that and back into a deeper place of submission. Deidox is His. If we’re going to continue on this journey then we want Him to lead it. And we will do our absolute best to be faithful.

    Plans, But Open Hands

    Much has happened in the last six months… there is much to rejoice about…

    And to our delight, it appears that God may have some great stories to tell through Deidox…

    Yet after having learned our lesson we’re not rushing… we’re keeping our hands open… and we’re taking steps boldly but prayerfully… that means that much work and new films have been produced this year but we’re waiting patiently for the time and means to release new films. That’s the story right now.

    Throughout this time we are seeing afresh how God is at work.

    It’s exciting.

    It’s humbling.

    We don’t want to get ahead of God and assume what He’s doing.
    We want to follow God’s lead.

    You could say we have plans, but open hands.

    … and those plans, well, they will only happen if God miraculously makes them happen. This is very clear to us. This is the way.

    If you have extra time in your daily prayers, would you consider praying for Deidox?

    Specific Prayer Requests:

    • For God to arise and be known in our cities.
      (This is our main prayer these days. For God to arise and be known.)
    • For God’s continued divine intervention and Holy Spirit moments to take Deidox wherever He wants.
    • For God to use Deidox to explore & reveal His unfolding work. His work is beautiful.
    • For God’s providence and clarity. How much time do we spend working on Deidox, and how do we support our growing families in the process?
    • For God’s protection & blessing.
    • Again, for God to arise and be known.