Documentary Storytelling Course

documentary film course

At Deidox, we are a video production company where powerful documentary stories are our passion. You can see our projects here. In between films for Deidox, our filmmakers have produced over 250 short documentaries for nonprofit clients, used as tools to raise over $500 million for nonprofits such as World Relief, Union Rescue Mission, Eden Reforestation Projects, and IJM. Powerful stories are powerful tools. Like this. Or this. Their documentaries have been on Showtime television and Hulu. This is the real deal.

The Deidox Documentary Storytelling Course


8+ hours of video teaching + Written curriculum + Actual video breakdowns.

In the course we will reveal the time-tested professional processes and “secret sauce” to how we make documentaries.

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What You’ll Learn:
  • How to pick a story and plan a successful shoot.
  • What camera, lens, lighting, etc will work fine.
  • How professionals film “scenes” to tell stories.
  • How to use simple lighting to your advantage.
  • A professional documentary editing process that saves hours of work.
  • How to shift expectations with your boss or clients so you can tell better stories.
  • The biggest time-wasters & time-savers.
  • How to do it all on low or no budget.
  • BONUS: Scene-by-scene breakdowns of documentary productions.

Who is it for? Filmmakers who are working. Or filmmakers who hope to be working on documentaries. Filmmakers who understand how to use a camera and edit system but haven’t been properly taught how to tell a verité documentary story.

Get this course if you’re serious about making documentaries at every budget level.

Want to know how we made this film?

We’ll teach you step-by-step how we made the above short film, and much more. Yes, you can make this style film on any budget.

Learn how to make professional documentaries, without a big budget.

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Or, how about a breakdown of this film? You can make this too on any budget.

In the course we will teach you how we made these films and more. Sign up to be notified when it’s available.

The Deidox Documentary Storytelling Course

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