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  1. Podcast Resources for Pastors

    At Deidox Films we’re passionate about making documentaries that help pastors cultivate disciples in all different contexts and denominations. We’ve already released one this year, and we’re hoping to bring you nine more by the end of 2015.

    In an effort to further serve our pastors, we’re also helping to bring you other resources in the form of podcasts. 

    Sermonsmith is a biweekly conversation between host John Chandler and his guest pastors. They spend 45minutes to an hour discussing the guest’s sermon preparation process. It is an invaluable resource for pastors who find themselves preaching regularly. 

    Seminary Dropout is a weekly interview featuring host Shane Blackshear. Each week he interviews a prominent Christian author, pastor, musician, or difference maker. Also about 45minutes to an hour, these conversations are so helpful for pastors and church leaders to keep up with current conversations in the Christian faith. He’s interviewed big names like Donald Miller and Phillip Yancey, and has a conversation with NT Wright coming up next month.

    Also next month we will begin sponsoring Homebrewed Christianity and Theology Nerd Throwdown. More to come about them very soon. 

    We take your work very seriously so please let us know how we can help bring you, our pastors and church leaders, resources that help you make disciples.