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  1. New film about recovery – James

    A story about a heroin addict who encounters healing through surrendering and community.

    Today we release our newest Deidox short film in partnership with the wonderful folks at Union Rescue Mission! Read below for a synopsis and click on the button to watch the film.


    Our new sermon illustration about recovery and new life

    How do you recover from the guilt and shame of your past? Meet James, a man whose 20 years of heroin addiction destroyed everything he had, giving up his family and possessions for the street. Today, James has entered a new reality. “We have to be in relationships. We have to answer the hard questions,” says James. “That’s how we grow.” Watch as James enters a Christ-centered recovery community, and through surrendering he discovers the true source of forgiveness and restoration.

    By the way, Deidox Films is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. This “James” film was made possible through the generous contributions from two parties: 1) private donors and 2) Union Rescue Mission. Established in 1891, Union Rescue Mission is dedicated to serving men, women, and children experiencing homelessness. They provide comprehensive emergency and long-term services to help their guests escape the dangerous streets of Skid Row. They are one of the largest rescue missions in the United States, and the oldest in Los Angeles.