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  1. [NEW FILM] “Johnny”

    Announcing our latest Deidox short film, “Johnny”, a story about a businessman who reevaluates how he spends his time.

    Here it us, our newest Deidox short film in partnership with the wonderful folks at World Relief! Read below for a synopsis and click on the button to watch the film.fb1d2f69-31c8-4474-a998-d2eaa6e8b88e


    How do you invest your time? Meet Johnny, a man who has spent the majority of his life investing in his work, leaving little time, he says, for God’s work. Now in his 50’s he is trying to “flip” this reality. Watch as he serves a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through simple acts of service and love, Johnny begins to feel the “weight of idolatry” lifting as God redirects him toward the kingdom investments of time and service.

    By the way, Deidox Films is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. This “Johnny” film was made possible through the generous contributions from two parties: 1) a private donor and 2) World Relief. One of the things we love about World Relief is their desire to truly partner with pastors and church leaders. They helped us find Johnny and then set us free to tell the best story we could.

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    We create the Deidox films to serve Pastors and church leaders. If you know of someone who could benefit from these films, please tell them about Deidox. We’d love it!

    Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!