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  1. New Deidox film out today!

    Last year we were approached by “The High Calling” and commissioned to do a film for them on the issues of faith and work. Does our work matter to God? How do we integrate our faith with our work? Kimberly is an exploration of how a construction and design professional is trying to answer these questions.

    You can view and download the new film here.

    The High Calling is an online magazine and community that was founded on the belief that God cares about our daily work. Their goal is to engage in everyday conversations about work, life, and God. We are a huge fan of the site and it was a privilege to be able to work with them on this new film. The High Calling believes the message of Kimberly’s story is so important that they have chosen to give it away for FREE. So please download the film and share it with your friends, co-workers, family and others.

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