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  1. New Deidox Film – Murat

    Our newest Deidox film is out today! Filmed on location in central Asia, Murat is a personal story of a local shepherd who is demonstrating God’s love to his community. “Murat” was the third Deidox film produced through the Deidox Development Lab in partnership with Tim Chew & Gratis 7 Media Group.

    You can view and download the new film here.

    Tim Chew is a versatile filmmaker who is passionate about cinematic storytelling through a variety of formats. He holds a degree in film production from the University of Texas and currently works in Austin as a cinematographer and director. Tim thrives in the meticulous process behind a camera while maintaining a firm focus on crafting poignant stories.

    As a student, Tim directed his first documentary in Central Asia and since graduating in early 2012 has moved on to direct, produce, or shoot documentaries, commercials, short narratives, and music videos throughout the United States and in Brazil, Morocco, Kenya, and India.

    Gratis 7 Media Group is a small non-profit (501c3) organization that produces media based on hope and purpose. We help organizations create movies and media that matter. We exist to tell compelling, entertainment stories that inspire people to help where there is need. Whether it’s feature films, documentary or short film series, Gratis 7 believes stories can penetrate our hearts and create enormous change.

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