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  1. Looking for New Team Members

    The work of Deidox Films could not happen without the support of a lot of people.  Below are a few ways to join the Deidox Family:

    Volunteer-page-bannersWe are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following: Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Customer relations, Data Management, Production Assistants, Legal advice & services, Filmmaking. We’re based in Austin but also have some contributions that can be done from afar. Contact us to get involved.

    Donate-bannerProducing and distributing high quality video content cost money.  Therefore, we are always looking for financial supporters to join our team.  We accept donations on-line, check by mail and gift in kind contributions.  Click here for more information.

    UsethefilmsIf you are a Pastor or ministry leader the best way to help is by purchasing and using our short films.  We also encourage you to consider becoming a yearly subscriber to our short films by becoming a Deidox Unlimited Member.  

    filmmaker-oppsDeidox Films is always on the lookout for talented individuals who we can hire to make great art that explores faith. We value working hard with what you’ve been given, and we are all “learners” on the journey.


    Deidox Films is looking for talented and motivated Cinematographers to shoot high quality documentary stories for Deidox Shorts and Deidox Features. We hire cinematographers on a per project basis.

    The ideal candidates will have experience in verité camerawork. They are able to capture the story while still making it look good in the process. They are able to film scenes, not just scattered b-roll.


    Deidox Films Cinematographers will:

    • Travel and live on location for the shoot.
    • Collaborate with a director and producer to capture the story and make it look great.
    • Operate camera with their Verité skills. Our work is 75% following people around and filming in-the-moment with your instincts/skills.
    • Perform basic documentary DIT work. Dumping footage after a day’s work. Making sure it is backed up.
    • Conceive innovative storytelling approaches to further Deidox Films’ mission.


    The successful applicant should have:

    • Experience shooting documentaries in a verité style.
    • A passion for great stories and great images.
    • Ability to collaborate with a diverse team.
    • Understanding of what makes a scene and ability to film scenes.
    • Know camera technology enough to make it work. Our optimal verité crew size does not allow for a 1st AC. You must be able to set up and operate your camera, troubleshooting as needed. Sound will sometimes go into your camera, sometimes it won’t. Must be ok with both setups.
    • Ability to self-manage and meet time deadlines.
    • Ability to work virtually and to travel as necessary.
    • Knowledge of FCPx or Bulletproof a plus.
    • Ability to act appropriately around sensative situations.

    How to Apply

    Email a resume and samples of work to

    For the work samples, what do we want to see? Completed videos/films, not just a demo reel. Demo reels are not that interesting to us. Everyone can make a pretty demo reel. We are interested in your documentary camera capabilities as it relates to telling a story. Can you capture a scene as it’s happening? Can you make it look good in the process?

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