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  1. “Hardwired for Story”

    In this brief yet fascinating TED talk, SJ Murray articulates what makes stories so much more memorable than simple facts. A well told narrative can be retained twenty-two times more effectively than simple information. A good storyteller, she says, can activate all of the senses in the brain of the hearer by describing movement, pictures, smells and so on. This can be so powerful that the brain activity of those hearing the story can closely mirror that of the the teller. So if someone is adeptly describing their experience last weekend, as far as our brain is concerned we could have been there.

    As preachers, pastors, and church leaders one of our primary tasks is to tell the story that has been passed down to us through the centuries; Christ’s story, the Spirit’s story, the Church’s story, God’s good news.

    At Deidox we take storytelling very seriously and we hope it shows in our films. Our goal is to tell the tales of modern day disciples who are fleshing out this ancient narrative. We try to capture their faith in our films to help God’s leaders bring these age-old stories to life.

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