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At Deidox Films, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry that is passionate about serving local church leaders. If you haven’t seen our short documentaries, you can watch the growing list of films here.

For ease of reading, here’s a list of the strategic ways our short films are being used in ministries…

7 Ways Deidox is Serving Church Leaders

  1. Taking Pressure Off Pastors – Deidox was founded by two pastor’s kids who sought to fill a need in the lives of their fathers and friends. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on a pastor when congregations are looking at pastors for all the answers in how to live, work, and play. It’s not easy making disciples. So, Deidox started out as a way to help pastors by using two tools Jesus used: (1) story, and (2) showing disciples what faith actually looks like. Jesus modeled faith to grow disciples. Likewise, think of Deidox films as a tool to bring examples of faith into your disciplemaking. A cloud of witnesses. As the cloud of witnesses gets bigger, some of that pressure on pastors starts to go down.
  2. Video Sermon Illustrations – Thousands of Pastors have used Deidox films as video sermon illustrations – whether at the start of a sermon, in the middle, or to close it out. Deidox films are incredibly powerful when paired with teaching of a local pastor in a local congregation. And, the short films are free to use. Download away to use in your sermon.
  3. Small Group Curriculum – Many churches are using Deidox films in their small group curriculum. We have all the films on youtube as well, making it incredibly easy for households and classrooms to pull up a video within their existing technology setup (i.e. A computer, Roku, Apple tv, Chromecast, or even some TVs themselves). A pastor can pair the film with some basic questions or a prayer and the group can have quite a meaningful meeting. Again, for free.
  4. Midweek Devotions – Other churches use Deidox films as a way to communicate and encourage their congregations mid-week. Whether posting to social media or through a church’s email blast, it’s an innovative way to bring a “cloud of witnesses” into the homes and workplaces of your congregants. Pair it with a reflective prayer for an added bonus. Grab a video link from our youtube or one of the film pages.
  5. We Can Film in Your Church – We do most of our films through commissioning. Ministries sponsor us to come tell a story within their ministry. What do you wish your congregation could understand better? What practice do you wish they did more often? What would help your church? Set a spiritual goal and then commission us to help – with a film. The bonus here is that the story we tell will also be distributed to churches across the globe. A global Church, serving each other through stories of what God is doing. And finally, because of experience we have figured out how to make it affordable. If you’re interested in having Deidox tell a story in your ministry, contact us here.
  6. Boast in How God is Active – It often feels like the media and world are running with a narrative that Christians are hypocrites, bigots, and not relevant. This is a lie. There are faithful believers that are consistently pursuing and serving the Lord. We bet you can think of many in your church. The problem is that very few of these stories are told. We get stories of celebrities, authors, and megachurch pastors, but stories about everyday people who are living faithfully are rare. So, let’s change that. Deidox films are stories of the faithful, showing that God is active and at work in the world today. Faith is not only relevant, it’s thriving. We’ll say that again – Christianity is not only relevant, it’s thriving. These films are a tool to help people “taste and see that the Lord is good.”
  7. One Body, One Lord – There’s an old hymn that says, “One body, one Lord of all. Though many throughout the earth, we are one body in this one Lord.” All of us Christians have a tendency to lose sight of the big picture, that God is active and at work across the globe. There is a temptation to think of ourselves as individuals more than we ought to, but the body of Christ is plural. Jesus talked in these terms with “The Lord’s Prayer” – Forgive us. Give us. Lead us. Deliver us. What’s amazing about this is that when we realize we are living in the midst of God’s global story about God’s global church, it’s inspiring. Something special happens when we are reminded that the body of Christ as an “us”. Not only are the stories taking pressure off of pastors, the stories take pressure off of all of us.

BONUS: Everyday faith, After Conversion. You may notice that our films rarely highlight someone who is famous or a celebrity. This is by design. God wants us to strive to be faithful, not famous. So, we tell stories of everyday people because these are the examples that are most relevant to the majority of believers. Often they’re more interesting anyway. We also focus on a Christian life post-conversion. For us, this affirming of everyday faith is often a needed breath of fresh air as we go through the daily struggles and joys of faith. So, watch some films, breathe, and enjoy.

We hope and pray they serve your ministry well.

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