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  1. Quick update on the Free Burma Rangers film

    Hey y’all,

    Quick update on the Free Burma Rangers film.

    The past few months have been incredibly challenging for us as filmmakers. When we started work on the FBR documentary we could not have guessed how much work it would end up being. At one point it became a running joke how every week a new hard drive would show up with heaps of new footage to go through. The possibilities were tremendous:

    • 30,000 video clips
    • 2,000 hours of footage
    • 20 years of stories to choose from

    If we watched through the footage straight it would take 50 weeks of work. What a mountain to climb… which if you are familiar with the Eubank family or FBR then you know that this mountain is a fitting place to be.

    Throughout editing we time and again found ourselves at places that made us ask “what are we doing and how will we pull this off?” Hundreds of story decisions that would have major ramifications. Legal headaches that were never supposed to be there. The pressure of a short timeframe. Sleepless nights from stress. But then as a team, with small and faithful steps, things kept getting better and better. We soon discovered new story elements and new ways to approach the film. It started to come together better than we could have predicted or hoped. Somehow in 6 months we have reached a cut of the film which works so well. It is not an understatement to say we have felt a divine hand guiding the project throughout this editing process. We could feel and see your prayers at work. So many things in the process have felt like miracles to us.

    Editing is now 95% done and should wrap up in the next few weeks. Next we will begin the “finishing” process (color correction, music composition, sound design & mix, etc). Then, Lord willing, a big release!

    If you pray, here’s how you can pray for us – talks are currently underway about distribution for the film. So pray that God would open hearts and doors to the right distribution, and then close doors to the wrong distribution. Pray that God would bring this story to the audiences He knows it would be a blessing for. That it would bless FBR and the Eubank family. And pray for a clear path through all legal and distributor discussions to get there. We believe the film is very good, but ultimately we still can’t control whether or not a distributor makes an offer to get the film in theaters, digital outlets, etc. All we can do is make the best film we can and then take faithful steps. So pray for God to guide hearts and minds of us and decision-makers to get this film out everywhere!

    Finally, when will the film be released? We want to know the answer to this too! The film’s release depends on timing with a distributor. If it goes big into normal movie theaters then most likely they will schedule the film in the fall of 2019 or early 2020. That’s how their scheduling works when on a big scale. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

    This film is riveting and heartfelt. The story is so unique. So unbelievable. And it has an inspiring message that we believe may prove to be more timely than ever.

    We can’t wait to share the film when it’s done and we are able!

    Brent Gudgel & Chris Sinclair

    P.S. For those who would like to support the film further, donations will get us through distribution (flights to meetings, pitches, marketing prep, preview screenings, and shepherding of the project). Your support will continue to elevate the film and story.


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