Theme: purpose

  • Love Your Neighbors: Turquoise Table [Texas, 4:14]

  • A Community’s Response to Unplanned Pregnancies [USA, 3:55]

  • Heroin Addict Takes Big Step in Recovery [USA, 5:40]

  • A Businessman Responds to the Refugee Crisis [USA, 5:10]

  • The Effect Prayer and Being Present Has on a Troubled Community [USA, 5:07]

  • A Haitan Orphan Experiences God’s Provision [Haiti, 4:45]

  • Does Your Work Matter to God? How One Woman Integrates Her Faith into Work [USA, 4:45]

  • The Life of a Modern Day Shepherd in the Middle East [Central Asia, 4:38]

  • Mother of Three Kids Finds Unexpected Purpose [USA, 4:50]

  • Unique Perspective on Policing From LA Police Officer [USA, 4:13]

  • Christian Doctor’s New Approach to Healthcare [USA, 4:57]

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