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  • Drive-Through Prayers in Texas [Austin, TX, 8:58]

  • Trailer: Free Burma Rangers, a feature documentary film [Burma & Iraq, 4:05]

  • The Local Battle Against Illiteracy [Austin, TX, 9:54]

  • How Churches are Helping Veterans with Moral Injury [Austin, TX, 3:15]

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief: Private Jet Missions [Austin, TX, 4:01]

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief: Austin’s Donation Response [Austin, TX, 2:20]

  • Parking Lot Prayers in Texas [Austin, TX, 3:21]

  • Trying to Show Unconditional Love in New York Schools [USA, 5:00]

  • Rare Look at the Underground Church in China [China, 4:40]

  • The Czech “Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven” [Czech Republic, 4:58]

  • Business & Faith at a Chick-fil-A [Azusa, CA, 5:52]

  • How a Texas Pastor is Serving Business Leaders [Austin, 6:32]

  • Willow Creek’s Experimental Church Service [Chicago, 8:38]

  • Love Your Neighbors: Turquoise Table [Texas, 4:14]

  • Love Your Neighbors: Breakfast Tacos [Texas, USA, 4:51]

  • Love Your Neighbors: A Simple Step [Texas, 4:26]

  • Aviance: A Mother’s Hope for Her Daughters [USA, 9:30]

  • Surprise Christmas Nativity in New York City [USA, 4:30]

  • Is Christianity Legal or Illegal in China? (Bonus Scene) [China, 1:56]

  • A Community’s Response to Unplanned Pregnancies [USA, 3:55]

  • Architects with a Purpose [Austin, TX, 5:01]

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