Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit organization?
Yes we are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, supported by donors like you.

If you want a little backstory… Previously we did do films through a similarly named for-profit organization, though it never quite sat well with our souls and jived with our ministry goals. In 2014 we transitioned to full-time non-profit ministry with a vision to engage the world with God’s story.  Read more on our about page.

Do you need donors?
Yes! All the work you see has been funded by donors like you. Our future films depend on current and future donors. We’re so grateful when someone clicks that donate button so that the world can be further engaged with God’s story. (If you want to make a donation, follow this link.)

Why and how is Deidox doing this?
Good question! See our about page for our story and mission.

Where is my account login and download links?
In an effort to reach a broader audience with God’s story, our website has shifted from what you experienced previously: (1) We are no longer charging a license fee for our films, (2) We’ve made sharing our films with your on-line communities much more of a focus. We no longer have accounts, though you can still access and download our films for your ministry screenings. Download them here to screen for your congregations and groups. Alternately, feel free to show them the videos from youtube which are HD resolution as well. We just ask that you do not upload these videos to your own youtube, vimeo, or other website. If you want to share links online feel free to use our YouTube film embeds so that our ministry can continue to produce new films.

Are you available for hire?
We’re available to be commissioned. Start the conversation here.

Have another question?
Ask here.