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  1. Deidox Weekend Briefing #011 – This week’s Christian Videos & News

    How is God at work in the world today? At Deidox we’re a media ministry asking that question. The Deidox Weekend Briefing is a compilation of the stories we found this week during our ministry research. Some of the stories God’s presence may be clear. Other stories may illuminate how we can pray. Either way, we pray this weekend you are able to see and know God more.

    Here are the stories we found this week:

    [Video] Awe, from the Moon

    [USA] Seeing people’s response to this inspired a bit of awe in us. God’s creation is so great.

    [Video] How do you recover from the guilt and shame of your past?

    [USA] Meet James, a man whose 20 years of heroin addiction destroyed everything he had, giving up his family and possessions for the street. Today, James has entered a new reality. “We have to be in relationships. We have to answer the hard questions,” says James. “That’s how we grow.” Watch as James enters a Christ-centered recovery community, and through surrendering he discovers the true source of forgiveness and restoration.

    [Video] [Video] North Korea | Persecuted Church Story

    [North Korea] Eun Ah Cho reflects on the generational repercussions of her grandfather’s martyrdom by North Korean soldiers.



    Thanks for making this briefing a part of your weekend. If you are finding this a blessing, we’d be honored if you share it with your friends. May our Lord – who is active and at work – give you rest and peace this weekend.

    Blessed to be a part of His work,
    The media missionaries at DEIDOX