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  1. Deidox films screening this week at the Verge Conference

    This week a few Deidox films will be showing as part of the Verge Conference in Austin, TX. Brent and Dave will be in attendance, so if you see them walking around say hi. They’re looking for new stories to tell.

    If you’re curious, Verge is a missional conference “for everyday people and leaders who are pursuing the mission of God with the gospel in their context.” We’re thrilled to be showing films as we made Deidox for pastors to use as high quality sermon illustrations or small group curriculum within their ministry context. They’re basically video examples of people living on mission, so the conference is a pretty cool fit. This year’s Verge conference will include a lot of outstanding speakers – Hugh Halter, Jeff Vanderstelt, Alan Hirsch, Joe Saxton, Rick Warren, and Dave Gibbons, among others.

    We hear you can find a live simulcast of the event somewhere on their website.

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