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  1. Deidox Films aires on 700 Club

    Our vision at Deidox Films is to engage the world with God’s story. We’ve made all our films available for free on YouTube and Facebook. Our hope is people will begin sharing our stories with their friends so they can see how God’s story is unfolding in the world. We are already seeing this happen.

    A couple of weeks ago one of our films was shared with a producer at 700 Club Interactive. As a result, two of our Deidox films, “Heroin Addict Takes Big Step in Recovery” and “Blind Teenager Shows What it Means to Live by Faith” have aired on the 700 Club & 700 Club Interactive. We were thrilled to see our films being used and hope they were an encouragement to a large audience.

    If you haven’t seen the films you can view them at

    Watch “Heroin Addict Takes Big Step in Recovery”:

    Watch “Blind Teenager Shows What it Means to Live by Faith”:

    Video thumbnail for vimeo video Alyssa - A christian video about faith and worship