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  1. Coming Soon – Joy – The Impact of Prayer & Presence (Premium Sermon Illustration Video)

    Coming soon, “Joy”, a documentary film about the impact of consistent prayer and presence on a community. Some would refer to it as incarnational ministry. Joy might call it necessity.

    Sermon illustration video on incarnational ministry, coming soon

    We have several new Deidox short films coming out over the next few months. The short documentaries are being made especially for pastors and church leaders to use as sermon illustration videos. That’s what we’re passionate about.

    SYNOPSIS: “What constitutes “success” in serving God? Meet Joy, a Christian in an at-risk area of Sacramento, California. Before her ministry began, Joy and her team prayed for 52 weeks. “Prayer has gotten us everywhere we’ve been,” remarks Joy. Watch as she and her team move in the power of prayer, finding the strength to stay and to minister “up close and personal,” just as Christ did.”

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