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  1. Coming Soon: Free Burma Rangers, a documentary film

    I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated you on our documentaries at Deidox. We’ve been in the trenches of film production. Today is an exciting day. We have something incredible to show you.

    Over the past 5 years we’ve been working on a feature documentary project about the Free Burma Rangers. This film has definitely been a “labor of love” for our team. We’ve hit some roadblocks along they way that slowed us down but the production team has continued to volunteer countless hours to keep the project moving forward. Here’s the good news. Since we started work on the documentary, the Free Burma Rangers ministry has extended their work to more conflict zones and as a result the documentary has actually gotten stronger and more powerful. And we are glad to report that we can see the finish line. We are close!

    Here’s a preview!

    Help us bring the film to audiences:

    As we head into the final stretch of post production we have updated our website with a new trailer, details of our team, distribution plan and an itemized budget of finishing costs. I encourage you to check out the new site and feel free to share it with your friends and on your social media outlets.

    Though the future at points has been unknown, we’ve done our best to take the steps we feel God has placed in front of us and for this ministry. We feel he has led us here, and we’re thrilled.

    We believe the story of the Eubank family and the Free Burma Rangers team is going to have a great impact in people’s lives and we are committed to getting this film completed by the end of the year. Thanks for joining us on this journey.