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  1. True Story Tuesday – Haitian Pastor used by God

    This weeks story comes from a good friend of Deidox and fellow filmmaker Chris Sinclair.  In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Pastor Ronel Mesidor turned his church and home into shelters for aid.  This short documentary tells how God used one man to offer comfort and hope in the midst of tragedy.

    LL Vignette: Mesidor’s Story from Last Letter on Vimeo.

    What is True Story Tuesday? Since the goal of Deidox is to tell true stories of how God is at work, very often we hear of powerful stories or situations that for one reason or another haven’t been made into a Deidox film. (Or, perhaps we should say they haven’t been made into films “yet.” You never know what the future might bring.) So every tuesday is True Story Tuesday where on our blog we post a quick story about how God is at work.

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