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  1. True Story Tuesday – Miraculous Escape From Jail

    This week’s True Story Tuesday comes from Heather Mercer in an interview with Voice of the Martyrs. Heather was one of the eight missionaries held in prison and placed on trial in Afghanistan in 2001.

    In the following video Heather shares about preaching the gospel in Muslim countries, and the miraculous story of a man she calls “Gideon.”

    What is True Story Tuesday? Since the goal of Deidox is to tell true stories of how God is at work, very often we hear of amazing stories that for one reason or another haven’t been made into a Deidox film. (Or, perhaps we should say they haven’t been made into films “yet.” You never know what the future might bring.) So every tuesday is True Story Tuesday where we post a new story about how God is at work.

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