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  1. The “Love Your Neighbor” Series

    We were recently commissioned by Christ Together Greater Austin to do a series of 3 short documentaries about loving your literal neighbors. As in, the people who live right next door. In the Deidox style, we challenged ourselves not to simply re-tell what happened in the past but to follow Christians as they were getting to know neighbors for the first time.

    Love Your Neighbors Jay

    Story #1, “Trying to Find the Time” is out now. Watch here.

    Story #2, “Breakfast Tacos” is coming September 28.

    Story #3, “Turquoise Table” is coming October 5.

    Tanya stillKristen still

  2. “The Ordinance” featured on Christianity Today

    Our latest film, “The Ordinance”, was featured on Christianity Today. Pretty cool. At Deidox our goal is to make know what The Lord is doing. With that in mind, it’s always encouraging when outside outlets show our films to their audiences.

    payday loan documentary film

    You can watch the film here on our website, or check out the Christianity Today coverage here (5 articles building on the film’s themes!).

    Also, they did a podcast interview with the film’s director, B Gudgel:

  3. “The Ordinance” Payday Loan Documentary World Premiere


    We had an amazing premiere of The Ordinance, our payday loan documentary, in partnership with Helping Hands Ministry of Belton, a local nonprofit that is featured prominently in the film. This event kicks off our community screening campaign — and we want your help!

    Our goal is for churches, organizations and individuals to host as many community screenings as possible between now and September 15! Visit to get a “screening kit” that includes a license to show the film publicly, as well as an event planning guide, discussion guides from various theological perspectives, and other resources that will help enhance your screening. Kits are still available at a discounted rate!

    13613558_1203277449706763_3851969959537324295_oWe feel strongly that The Ordinance is a film that will create an opportunity for your community to discuss how you can more effectively engage in the culture around you. Whether through payday lending or other issues of social justices, we hope that this story shows that churches and faith leaders have a voice — from local leaders to the Federal Government.13584992_1203277443040097_3814660344594843224_o

    We’ve been challenged and encouraged following this story, and are proud to say that it serves our vision as a company — to tell stories about what God and his people are doing in the world; to create documentaries with hope.

  4. Coming Soon – “The Ordinance” – A Documentary on Predatory Loans

    Currently in production, “The Ordinance” documents an unprecedented battle in Texas towns to protect their citizens from predatory lenders. In a time when political disillusionment is growing, this story serves as an important example of how the best, and worst, of our political system can unite a community.

    Click here to learn more or to support the film towards completion.

    We’re aiming to release the film this summer.

  5. Announcing our New Film: AVIANCE

    According to a study by the Southern Education Foundation, a majority (51%) of US Public School students are in poverty.  This is a mind blowing stat.  Everyday there are low income parents who a desperately trying to provide a better opportunity for their children.

    Recently, we were blessed to meet a single mom, Aviance, who in spite of her financial challenges was doing all she could to make sure her twin daughters were getting a good education by paying for them to attend Hope Academy.   Hope Academy is a private, faith-based middle school that is focused on helping students who are in poverty.  We spent several days with Aviance and her twin daughters, Tanevia & Tamoria and quickly fell in love with them.  They were so open and generous with their time.  Aviance is a true hero.  We were also inspired by the efforts of the staff and teachers at Hope Academy as they daily put their Christian faith into action.  To learn more about Hope Academy click here.


    Aviance Screenshot

    Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit documentary production and distribution company. All our films are made possible by generous donors and supporters.  If you are interested in helping fund more films, please click here.

  6. Coming January 7 – Aviance

    Aviance Screenshot

    Aviance: A Mother’s Hope for Her Daughters

    Coming January 7, 2016
    A Deidox Documentary short film

  7. 4 Things Refugees Can Teach Us About Thankfulness

    The story of refugee Pii Chui and his family is one of my favorite Deidox documentaries because his character shines through the lens so clearly. In the face of past and present hardships, not to mention future uncertainty, Pii Chui is at once humble and confident, grounded and hopeful. In a word, he is thankful, and I find the thankfulness of this refugee brother incredibly affecting and instructive. If you haven’t seen the short documentary, here’s it is.

    Here are 4 lessons from this refugee family about how to be thankful:

    1. Find God in all things.

    Pii Chui is clearly not thankful for every circumstance, but he derives strength from being thankful in every situation. That’s because his eyes are on God. It’s not that God is remote and sends blessing and hardship from a distance, but that in every circumstance God is present. As Pii Chui says, “We do not worry, because God is with us and we are with him.” This is not the empty optimism of finding a silver lining in every storm cloud, but finding God in all things. Thankfulness is less about the gifts, and more about the Giver.

    2. Don’t thank God that you are not like other people.

    Sometimes I claim to be thankful when all I really am is relieved—relieved that I don’t have to live the hard story I’ve just seen. Jesus told a story once about a Pharisee and a tax collector who went up to the temple to pray (Luke 18:9-14). The Pharisee thanked God that he wasn’t like the tax collector, and although the difference for the Pharisee was moral rather than material, we often pray the same prayer and commit the same error. “God, thank you that I do not have to face what Pii Chui faces,” isn’t really a prayer of thanksgiving. But it can be the first step toward true thankfulness because it can highlight gifts we take for granted. Then that gratitude for the gifts can lead us to thankfulness toward the Giver. Better still is Pii Chui’s mature thankfulness, which does not require comparison to anyone else’s situation.

    3. Ask God for help.

    Thankfulness does not mean pretending that everything is okay, and Pii Chui models for us someone who is in touch with the hardships he faces, such as the rejection of his family, the insults at his job, and the uncertainty of where he is allowed to live. Because he knows God is with him every day, he sees clearly how he can serve God every day. To use St. Paul’s words, he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength (Philippians 4:13). But Paul’s words and Pii Chui’s example are for me in my circumstances as well. For Paul, the “all things” he could do with God’s help included both poverty and riches, both hardship and ease. There are particular dangers to the soul in every situation and Pii Chui’s advantage over me is that he is aware of his need for God’s help, whereas I tend to assume that living in plenty requires no special help from God. When I don’t live in awareness of my need for God, I can’t become truly thankful.

    4. Hold on to hope.

    Pii Chui’s thankfulness is possible because of his hope. He says, “Whether we are in Thailand or Burma, we are citizens of heaven, citizens of God’s kingdom.” Like the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11, Pii Chui is looking for a country of his own—not the one he left, but a heavenly one. The thankfulness he has developed in hardship has purified his allegiance to God, which will not be unsettled if circumstances change and he gets to go back to Burma. Knowing where I truly belong and to whom I truly belong, I can live a life of attentive thankfulness whether a refugee or a citizen.

    This is a guest post by our friend Peter Hough, Pastor at The Alton Mission in Alton, IL (just across the river from St. Louis). He also has a blog called The Ironic Disciple. Peter sees his primary calling as keeping people attentive to what God is doing. This calling expresses itself in contemplation, writing, and preaching; in developing leaders; and in leading the Alton Mission to connect with God in worship and mission.

  8. 2 Christian Perspectives on the Refugee Crisis

    In the past few weeks, many conversations have been happening around the growing refugee crisis in Europe. With all the media coverage on the subject, we want to share two of our films which offer a unique perspective. We were lucky to be able to spend time with the people involved and hope you’ll appreciate it as well.

    Watch and be inspired by the faith of a refugee

    Welcoming strangers into his home

    We hope these stories inspire you and help us all better understand what God is doing in the world today.

  9. A Community’s Response to Unplanned Pregnancies

    According to a study in the American Journal of Public Health, about half (51%) of the 6.6 million pregnancies in the United States each year (3.4 million) are unintended. These women are often faced with extremely difficult decisions and don’t have the support system in place to help provide for their needs. Recently we met Janet who, along with a community of friends, has taken a simple step to engage with women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We spent a day with Janet and were challenged by her story and how she is trying to put her Christian faith into action.



    To learn more about Janet’s ministry, Bundles of Hope, click here.

    Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit documentary production and distribution company. All our films are made possible by generous donors and supports.  If you are interested in helping fund more films please click here.

  10. Deidox Films aires on 700 Club

    Our vision at Deidox Films is to engage the world with God’s story. We’ve made all our films available for free on YouTube and Facebook. Our hope is people will begin sharing our stories with their friends so they can see how God’s story is unfolding in the world. We are already seeing this happen.

    A couple of weeks ago one of our films was shared with a producer at 700 Club Interactive. As a result, two of our Deidox films, “Heroin Addict Takes Big Step in Recovery” and “Blind Teenager Shows What it Means to Live by Faith” have aired on the 700 Club & 700 Club Interactive. We were thrilled to see our films being used and hope they were an encouragement to a large audience.

    If you haven’t seen the films you can view them at

    Watch “Heroin Addict Takes Big Step in Recovery”:

    Watch “Blind Teenager Shows What it Means to Live by Faith”:

    Video thumbnail for vimeo video Alyssa - A christian video about faith and worship


  11. Big News from Deidox Films and How It Impacts You

    We have some exciting and significant changes to our ministry at Deidox Films that I want to share with you. 

    First of all, I want to thank you for using our short films. We have a heart to provide video resources to ministry leaders and I hope you and your ministry have benefited from our films. We could not have made it this far without your encouragement and support.

    Our vision at Deidox Films is to engage the world with God’s story. In today’s media driven culture more and more people are being impacted by visual storytelling. Therefore, we think there is a great opportunity to impact our world by tell compelling visual stories from a christian worldview.  

    In an effort to reach a broader audience with God’s story, we have made the following changes:

    • We are no longer charging a license fee for our films.
    • We will be producing new and different types of documentaries.
    • We’ve made it easier to share our films with your on-line community.

    So what does this mean for you? You can still access and download any film you have purchased from Deidox Films for screening in your ministry context. You can also use the other films if you want. Visit this page to download. Like before, we just ask that you don’t upload any of our films to youtube or sites like that. (We have Deidox youtube uploads that you can share as much as you want!)

    We’re excited to continue to serve the Church.  It’s just going to look a little different.  Again, thanks for your support and please let me know if you have any questions.

    With much thanks,
    Dave Mahanes
    Co-Founder, Deidox Films

  12. Podcast Resources for Pastors

    At Deidox Films we’re passionate about making documentaries that help pastors cultivate disciples in all different contexts and denominations. We’ve already released one this year, and we’re hoping to bring you nine more by the end of 2015.

    In an effort to further serve our pastors, we’re also helping to bring you other resources in the form of podcasts. 

    Sermonsmith is a biweekly conversation between host John Chandler and his guest pastors. They spend 45minutes to an hour discussing the guest’s sermon preparation process. It is an invaluable resource for pastors who find themselves preaching regularly. 

    Seminary Dropout is a weekly interview featuring host Shane Blackshear. Each week he interviews a prominent Christian author, pastor, musician, or difference maker. Also about 45minutes to an hour, these conversations are so helpful for pastors and church leaders to keep up with current conversations in the Christian faith. He’s interviewed big names like Donald Miller and Phillip Yancey, and has a conversation with NT Wright coming up next month.

    Also next month we will begin sponsoring Homebrewed Christianity and Theology Nerd Throwdown. More to come about them very soon. 

    We take your work very seriously so please let us know how we can help bring you, our pastors and church leaders, resources that help you make disciples.

  13. New film about recovery – James

    A story about a heroin addict who encounters healing through surrendering and community.

    Today we release our newest Deidox short film in partnership with the wonderful folks at Union Rescue Mission! Read below for a synopsis and click on the button to watch the film.


    Our new sermon illustration about recovery and new life

    How do you recover from the guilt and shame of your past? Meet James, a man whose 20 years of heroin addiction destroyed everything he had, giving up his family and possessions for the street. Today, James has entered a new reality. “We have to be in relationships. We have to answer the hard questions,” says James. “That’s how we grow.” Watch as James enters a Christ-centered recovery community, and through surrendering he discovers the true source of forgiveness and restoration.

    By the way, Deidox Films is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. This “James” film was made possible through the generous contributions from two parties: 1) private donors and 2) Union Rescue Mission. Established in 1891, Union Rescue Mission is dedicated to serving men, women, and children experiencing homelessness. They provide comprehensive emergency and long-term services to help their guests escape the dangerous streets of Skid Row. They are one of the largest rescue missions in the United States, and the oldest in Los Angeles.

  14. Announcing our new film Deidox|James.

    James still2

    Heads up… A new Deidox short film for your sermon illustration or small group is coming January 27.    

    How do you recover from the guilt and shame of your past? Meet James, a man whose 20 years of heroin addiction destroyed everything he had, giving up his family and possessions for the street. Today, James has entered a new reality. “We have to be in relationships. We have to answer the hard questions,” says James. “That’s how we grow.”  Watch as James enters a Christ-centered recovery community, and through surrendering he discovers the true source of forgiveness and restoration.

  15. “Show, Don’t Tell”: Telling True Stories With SERIAL

    One of the best stories told in 2014 that did not involve the politics of Westeros was a true story told over the radio. Or… not necessarily the radio… but a podcast called SERIAL. This breakthrough web-format story spans almost 10 hours over twelve weekly episodes. It chronicles a 1999 murder, the characters involved, and the questions left unanswered at the trial.

    While getting lost in the engrossing narrative that Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder have crafted, it is important to remember that when it comes to true stories, sifting through the mountain of details is often the hardest task. 

    In her interview with Fast Company Snyder discussed the daunting task of sorting through the amassment of research and assembling it together into a cohesive narrative that didn’t get bogged down by the details. 
    “We have an insider’s knowledge of what pieces of evidence we have and where they’re going, and that part of the story takes place inside the details. In order to bring anybody in on what we found so interesting, there’s a lot you have to understand first. It’s sort of a challenge.”

    At Deidox we appreciate what SERIAL has been able to accomplish from a storytelling perspective because we, like them, also have to unearth the narrative threads from an ocean of footage. Our 5 minute short-form documentaries are crafted from between 15-30 hours of tape. Our first feature length documentary, Free Burma Ranger, will be released in 2015. It is being cut from over 500 hours of footage.

    At Deidox we have a saying: “show, don’t tell.” Basically, we don’t want to tell you about something that happened, we want to show you the story as it unfolds. Perhaps this ethos accounts for the kinship we feel towards SERIAL’s creators, because SERIAL is not so much a show about a teenager’s 1999 murder as it is the story of a reporter whose life has been thrown into disarray by her investigation. The fun part, we have learned, lies in tagging along with Sarah and Julie through their journey of discovery, uncertainty, and doubt.

  16. “Hardwired for Story”

    In this brief yet fascinating TED talk, SJ Murray articulates what makes stories so much more memorable than simple facts. A well told narrative can be retained twenty-two times more effectively than simple information. A good storyteller, she says, can activate all of the senses in the brain of the hearer by describing movement, pictures, smells and so on. This can be so powerful that the brain activity of those hearing the story can closely mirror that of the the teller. So if someone is adeptly describing their experience last weekend, as far as our brain is concerned we could have been there.

    As preachers, pastors, and church leaders one of our primary tasks is to tell the story that has been passed down to us through the centuries; Christ’s story, the Spirit’s story, the Church’s story, God’s good news.

    At Deidox we take storytelling very seriously and we hope it shows in our films. Our goal is to tell the tales of modern day disciples who are fleshing out this ancient narrative. We try to capture their faith in our films to help God’s leaders bring these age-old stories to life.

    Check out our short form documentaries here.

    URL for this post

  17. [NEW FILM] “Johnny”

    Announcing our latest Deidox short film, “Johnny”, a story about a businessman who reevaluates how he spends his time.

    Here it us, our newest Deidox short film in partnership with the wonderful folks at World Relief! Read below for a synopsis and click on the button to watch the film.fb1d2f69-31c8-4474-a998-d2eaa6e8b88e


    How do you invest your time? Meet Johnny, a man who has spent the majority of his life investing in his work, leaving little time, he says, for God’s work. Now in his 50’s he is trying to “flip” this reality. Watch as he serves a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through simple acts of service and love, Johnny begins to feel the “weight of idolatry” lifting as God redirects him toward the kingdom investments of time and service.

    By the way, Deidox Films is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. This “Johnny” film was made possible through the generous contributions from two parties: 1) a private donor and 2) World Relief. One of the things we love about World Relief is their desire to truly partner with pastors and church leaders. They helped us find Johnny and then set us free to tell the best story we could.

    BONUS: Deidox Unlimited members save over 40%. Be sure to check it! 

    We create the Deidox films to serve Pastors and church leaders. If you know of someone who could benefit from these films, please tell them about Deidox. We’d love it!

    Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

  18. Coming Soon – Deidox | Johnny

    We are excited about our upcoming film, “Johnny” which was produced in partnership with World Relief.  The film is about a man who faces the reality of how he has invested his time over the years and the decision he has made to change directions with his life.  It is a film that we hope will challenge all of us to consider how we can be investing in what God wants, not what we want.


    Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) documentary film production and distribution company.  Our mission is to produce documentary films that help the Church reflect Christ and redeem culture.  

    Follow us on twitterinstagramfacebook, or through our website here to be notified of the latest news, film previews, deidox coupons, and any new films releases.



  19. “Joy” – Behind the scenes video

    Last week we launched our latest short film, Deidox | Joy.  We produced this film in partnership with The Ogilve Institute of Preaching at Fuller Theological Seminary.  We spent a week just outside Sacramento, CA following Dr. Joy Johnson of Life Matters and her team as they served their neighbors.  Here is a little “behind the scenes” video that was produced by Nathan Blank.

    Our mission at Deidox Films is to produce documentary films that help the Church reflect Christ and redeem culture.

    Follow us on twitterinstagramfacebook, or through our website here to be notified of the latest news, film previews, deidox coupons, and any new films releases.

  20. Looking for New Team Members

    The work of Deidox Films could not happen without the support of a lot of people.  Below are a few ways to join the Deidox Family:

    Volunteer-page-bannersWe are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following: Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Customer relations, Data Management, Production Assistants, Legal advice & services, Filmmaking. We’re based in Austin but also have some contributions that can be done from afar. Contact us to get involved.

    Donate-bannerProducing and distributing high quality video content cost money.  Therefore, we are always looking for financial supporters to join our team.  We accept donations on-line, check by mail and gift in kind contributions.  Click here for more information.

    UsethefilmsIf you are a Pastor or ministry leader the best way to help is by purchasing and using our short films.  We also encourage you to consider becoming a yearly subscriber to our short films by becoming a Deidox Unlimited Member.  

    filmmaker-oppsDeidox Films is always on the lookout for talented individuals who we can hire to make great art that explores faith. We value working hard with what you’ve been given, and we are all “learners” on the journey.


    Deidox Films is looking for talented and motivated Cinematographers to shoot high quality documentary stories for Deidox Shorts and Deidox Features. We hire cinematographers on a per project basis.

    The ideal candidates will have experience in verité camerawork. They are able to capture the story while still making it look good in the process. They are able to film scenes, not just scattered b-roll.


    Deidox Films Cinematographers will:

    • Travel and live on location for the shoot.
    • Collaborate with a director and producer to capture the story and make it look great.
    • Operate camera with their Verité skills. Our work is 75% following people around and filming in-the-moment with your instincts/skills.
    • Perform basic documentary DIT work. Dumping footage after a day’s work. Making sure it is backed up.
    • Conceive innovative storytelling approaches to further Deidox Films’ mission.


    The successful applicant should have:

    • Experience shooting documentaries in a verité style.
    • A passion for great stories and great images.
    • Ability to collaborate with a diverse team.
    • Understanding of what makes a scene and ability to film scenes.
    • Know camera technology enough to make it work. Our optimal verité crew size does not allow for a 1st AC. You must be able to set up and operate your camera, troubleshooting as needed. Sound will sometimes go into your camera, sometimes it won’t. Must be ok with both setups.
    • Ability to self-manage and meet time deadlines.
    • Ability to work virtually and to travel as necessary.
    • Knowledge of FCPx or Bulletproof a plus.
    • Ability to act appropriately around sensative situations.

    How to Apply

    Email a resume and samples of work to

    For the work samples, what do we want to see? Completed videos/films, not just a demo reel. Demo reels are not that interesting to us. Everyone can make a pretty demo reel. We are interested in your documentary camera capabilities as it relates to telling a story. Can you capture a scene as it’s happening? Can you make it look good in the process?

  21. * UPDATED – Want to see a film about addiction? Vote to make it happen

    We’re on track to make a Deidox film about addiction, but we need your help. Vote to help us win a contest and make it happen.

    Over the years, our founding team members have formed a significant relationship with Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, a fantastic ministry that includes a recovery program. Drugs. Sex. You name it, their recovery program helps. We want to film a new Deidox project at URM. URM wants us to do it too. And then along came a contest that will help make it happen.

    Vote for our project, Threshold, here. Just click vote. It takes less than ten seconds. (And say a prayer!)

    Then, if you really, really, really want the film made, tell your friends to vote too.

    ***UPDATE*** 09/18/14 – THE CONTEST IS OVER.  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND INTEREST. We are currently in pre-production on two (yes 2!) projects that deal with recovery and addiction. One is a short film and one is a feature length film. We’ll keep you posted as the projects progress.

  22. New Film Coming This Week – God’s Provision in Haiti (Premium Sermon Illustration Video)

    We are excited to announce our latest Deidox short film will be launched on Thursday, July 17. Filmed on location in Haiti, Jean Marc is a teenager who desperately sought God’s provision in the midst of dire circumstances. This is a premium sermon illustration video made specifically for pastors and church leaders to model faith as they make disciples.

    Here’s a trailer for the “Jean Marc” short film:


    • Starting on Thursday, July 17, the short film will be available to view & download for use in your ministry.
    • Jean Marc’s film was produced in partnership with Mission of Hope: Haiti.

    If you’re a member of Deidox Unlimited the film will be available in your account on Thursday as well.

    Coming soon, a Christian documentary film about struggle


    Deidox Films is a non-profit organization that exists to serve pastors and churches by providing cinematic sermon illustration videos that model the faith of modern day disciples. When paired with the Biblical teaching of a skilled ministry leader and the guidance of the Holy Spirit the combination is exciting and powerful. We make these films to help the church reflect Christ and redeem culture. Use these video illustrations of faith in your church service, leadership development, small group, or non-profit organization.

    Follow us on twitterinstagramfacebook, or through our website here to be notified of the latest news, film previews, deidox coupons, and any new films releases.

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