Media Missionaries

Brent Gudgel – Co-Founder & CEO (@gudgefilm) – Brent is a filmmaker from Los Angeles that currently finds himself surrounded by Texans, though he claims to like both cities. His credits include the Showtime feature film Dear Francis, Lovin’ Lakin for Hulu (starring Kristen Bell, Seth McFarlin, Kristen Chennoweth, and Christine Lakin), and documentary footage featured in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Over the last 16 years he has directed over 250 short documentaries in 20 countries. Gudgel is also a co-founder of the production company Chronicle Project where he has partnered with causes to fight AIDS, poverty, deforestation, sex trafficking, homelessness, and persecution in closed countries.

Dave Mahanes – VP of Production & Co-Founder (@deidox) – David has overseen the production of documentaries and commercials for over 13 years, including the Showtime Television documentary Dear Francis and the Hulu web series Lovin Lakin. He has produced and filmed projects in several countries including, Swaziland, Rwanda, Kenya, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, and Morocco. Previously David worked with Saddleback Church and also I-40 Films where he oversaw the production of commercials including award winning spots for Ford and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Michael Davenport – Story Producer

Drew Hayes – Documentary Filmmaker