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  1. A quick update from the Deidox team

    Offices for the christian documentary film company Deidox
    We’ve been working over the last year on “where we’ve been” and “where we want to go”, filling the office chalkboard over and over with plans and possibilities. The time has brought a clarified focus (“Documenting Modern Day Disciples”), a reaffirming to serve pastors with stories, and a plan for 2014 to be a big year at Deidox, Lord willing.

    You may or may not know, but Deidox has been a passion project / side work-for-free project for myself (Brent Gudgel) and Dave Mahanes. After much prayer, discussion, and guidance from trusted advisers we are exploring making Deidox a more substantial part of our time starting in 2014. We can’t fully talk about the changes yet… but they include more partnering with non-profits, more donor funding opportunities, more filmmakers, and a lot more films.

    We’d love your prayers for God’s guidance and blessing on the next stage of Deidox.

    Also, if you’re a church leader who participated in our customer survey we want to say “Thank You!” The feedback was super helpful. And congrats to Wess Daniels, a pastor in Oregon, for winning the iPad drawing.

    More soon…

    in Him,
    Brent Gudgel

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