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  1. A good read for “idea” people

    Charles Lee has been a great friend of Deidox and provided some helpful insights while we were developing our brand. The consultation he provided was invaluable.

    He recently wrote a book called Good Idea. Now What? The book was written for on-the-go idea makers; people interested in getting stuff done.

    Going from inspiration to execution is hard work. Many steps stand between a good idea and the hit product, profitable company, or social change you envision. Your initial “aha!” moment provides the key to begin this process, but it’s the way you make your dream happen that truly defines your success.

    Good Idea. Now What? gives you the tools you need to make your inspiration a reality. This accessible go-to guide features practical advice from leading idea-makers that will help you get your vision off the ground.

    Below is a video about the book. We hope you will check out the book and support our friend Charles.

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