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  1. 4 Big Changes at Deidox to Help Ministries Make Disciples

    Friends! We’re back! And by “back” we mean there have been some significant changes with Deidox. We want to highlight 4 of the changes:

    1. We have a new website

    After years of lessons and six months of hard coding our new website is ready to go. Here’s a quick walkthrough, or go check out the site yourself.

    2. Our mission has been refined in the fire:

    We exist to help the church make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. We do this by producing documentary films that model the faith of modern day disciples.

    The challenge for church leaders today is not very different from the challenge Jesus faced in his ministry: How do you make disciples? Similarly, the challenge for individual Christians today is: how do you live out faith in everyday life? Jesus made disciples by not only teaching but also allowing them to follow him around every day. He modeled faith in everyday life so that they could go and imitate him. The unfortunate reality is that the main way Jesus taught discipleship is largely absent in the church today, which is putting ministry leaders in a difficult position when making disciples. The church need more tools for modeling faith.

    Through video, the church can once again follow and imitate mature disciples.

    We are striving to see faith lived out. There are plenty of videos where people talk about faith. We want to actually see faith happen in front of the camera. It’s a harder mission, but one we know to be worth it.

    3. A lot of new films are coming

    We have four new films (4!) currently in production. The first film was produced in Haiti and is about a man named “Jean Marc” who has a life similar to the stories in the Bible of Joseph and David. We’ll be posting updates here as well as via our email list and on social media sites.

    4. Lord willing, Deidox will be a full-time ministry this year

    Deidox has been a side project for us at Chronicle Project the last five years, using our extra finances (well, “extra” is debatable with our wives) and extra time between client projects to produce the types of films we felt God was calling us to make. And God provided in great ways over those five years. But, in the last year we have felt God’s prompting to give Deidox Films as much attention as we can. So, over the next year we hope to begin hiring our first full-time staff to produce as many Deidox ministry tools as we can. Lord willing that’s only the beginning of an exciting Deidox journey. (Btw, Deidox is an acting non-profit organization so if you know anyone who wants to help fund films or support our ministry we’d love to talk to them!)

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